Adgeco Group and Madema Group form alliance for a state-of-the-art concert & show production services in Abu Dhabi

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Have you wondered about expecting a big-hit concert of a top-rock star or a show hosted by Hollywood stars in a world-class venue? Have you ever imagine a huge theater furnished with incomparable lighting and sound effects magnifying the most incredible work of art in multi-media projections? Trust it all to the elite Madema Group, an Italy-based event management and production and a leading provider of technical services for the entertainment business now functional in the UAE with the Adgeco Group.
As the age of technology draws on, bands and venues are not falling short as Madema can manage to incorporate every piece of electronics into a high-level audio-visual production system. The group has mission to enable artists, professionals and businesses to fully express their potential on the expressive and communicative level. It started its operation since 1982 in Italy focusing on multi-media events, television, conferences, fairs or musical events, providing amplification systems, video projection systems, LED screens, electronic light and structure systems.
One historic global success of Madema Spa was recorded in Rome where its legendary Auditorium Parco della Musica was installed with the new Vertec line array system for the 2,800 set performance hall. Madema has transformed the venue into the configuration of a traditional theatre featuring the adjustable stage and seating which allowed a fine-tuning of the reverberation time to accommodate a large orchestra with choir, or ballets or contemporary music in a live sound reinforcement system. Similar to Bon Jovi’s concerts that needed high quality sound was integrated with VERTEC powersoft amplifiers to deliver a high-level sonic performance to the packed audience. It was made to drive the thunderous sounds for the fans attending the show.
Concerts and cultural events like the historic 2007 Worker’s Day celebration have always had a huge potential to engage the audience and due to the large size of audience, logistics of venue and legal issues was not always simple to succeed with a complex idea. The Primaggio, in which it was held, was furnished with magnificent live sound reinforcement system accounted to Madema Group integrating the AutoCAD site planning, acoustic modeling and array performance prediction. The professionals at Madema strived to perfect soundscape with the optimal sound balance to satisfy the large crowd.

Last year, Madema has made an excellent change in the venue where top rock stars performed and TV shows were held. The Verona Arena, renowned for its excellent acoustics was of Madema’s asset to boost the venue with quality audio and lighting effects as new talents of the popular Italian TV Talent “Idols” contest performed in the show’s semi-finals and finals. The stage was compared to one of Lady Gaga’s concerts where artists took it to the extreme; audiences were flashed with strobe lights, shrouded in smoke or dosed by water screens. The show’s magic was effected with spectacular lighting applications of LED and other modern lighting techniques to bring the stage alive.
With its vision to extend services globally, Madema Group sought partnership with one of the dynamic companies based in the UAE. Madema Group formed an alliance with an Emirati Holding company ADGECO Group in Abu Dhabi to legitimize operations and project implementations in the UAE.
Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and founder of Adgeco Group considered the partnership as an important business opportunity. “The UAE entertainment market has stormed with variety of shows, concerts and events which imply a greater need of production services.” At present, equipments and resources needed in the operation of projects are in Abu Dhabi.
Massimo Micheli, Chairman of Madema Group had quoted, “I wanted to thank Adgeco Group for the support they are giving for the development of Madema in the UAE. I believe we could do a lot together in business for prosperity and for the entertainment industry in UAE.” He added, “Madema Group will be an excellent example of regional sound reinforcement able to use technologies and advanced systems design technologies, and to leverage performance venue for contemporary artists and celebrities.