Activities Planned For Ibn Battuta Festival (Second Edition)

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Activities Planned For Ibn Battuta Festival (Second Edition)

Activities Planned For Ibn Battuta Festival (Second Edition)

International Festival of Ibn Battuta is an upcoming event of 2017. It has been organized internationally, and the people from all over the world are excited to attend it. The event encompasses multiple activities from November 9-12 2017. It’s a weekend and will be easy for people from Europe to attend the event.

Place Of The Event

This festival is organized in Tangier, Morocco. The city is also the birthplace of legendary traveler Ibn Battuta. The location is also highlighted due to the significance of knowledge, culture, and tradition. These three factors attract massive from all over the globe.

Major Activities of Ibn Battuta Festival 2nd Edition

Here are some of the attractions of this event:

  • Music Show
  • Street Art & Exhibition
  • Traveling Literature & Geographer Forums
  • Travel Movies
  • Theatrical Plays
  • The Ibn Battuta Carnival
  • Travel Exhibition

Traveling Literature & Geographer Forums

Travel narration is focused on the facts and fiction. It explains the stories of tales of the journey. The authors or the writers who are crazy about the traveling and write the stories of their journey are called travelogues. Ibn Battuta wrote about his traveling experience and cultures. This representation of different regions and cultures will be displayed to the visitors of events. Ibn Battuta’s writing contains lessons, the message of peace and his learning about every culture he has experienced. Therefore, such activity is best for explorers.

Street Art & Exhibition

Various local and international artists will display their work. The message and depiction of peaceful traffic will be experienced in street art exhibition. The streets of Tangier will be decorated with different arts and crafts. It will be again a different experience for the visitors. There are thousands of local and international volunteers who will play a major role in making this event best for the year of 2017.

Theatrical Plays

According to various historians and theorists, theatrical plays are one of the ancient’s ways of community celebrations. Moroccan citizens can never forget the travel pioneer Ibn Battuta who brought lots of knowledge and experiences for them. Tangier is the hometown of the respected travelers, and everyone in Morocco loves Ibn Battuta. Therefore, the event has one of the best activity like theatrical plays. These plays will play an important role in communicating what Ibn Battuta wanted to tell the world. It will let people know how he traveled far areas just to create peace and harmony among people from different cultures. His patience and tolerance serve as an example for modern day people.

Travel Movies

One of the best tricks that have taught human beings so difficult things in an easy way. Research says that 70% efficacy of learning is increased through visuals. Similarly, Ibn Battuta festival 2nd edition has made these lessons of peace and harmony easy for the visitors. Various travel movies will be displayed as an attraction to all those who are celebrating the legacy of great traveler Ibn Battuta.


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