Abu Dhabi’s Hafilat bus cards will be released in May

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According to the Department of Transport (DoT), a new payment system in all public buses will be activated on May 15 to calculate the passengers’ tariff per kilometer together with the introduction of smart cards across the UAE.

Abu Dhabi’s Hafilat bus cards will be released in May

Abu Dhabi’s Hafilat bus cards will be released in May

The new Hafilat cards are set to roll out in May which can be used around the country and will provide free transport service for seniors and disabled passengers within the capital.

The new payment system explains that the tariff for one-way travel inside the city is fixed at Dh 2.00 and additional Dh0.05 per kilometer will be charged if you are travelling to Al Ain and the Western Region. On the other hand, flag-down rate is fixed at Dh10.00 if your going to other emirates with additional Dh 0.1 per kilometer travelled.

Once you board the bus, the users are required to tap their cards on machines attached inside the vehicles in which they can view the balance of the card so that they will be informed if there is sufficient amount to cover payment for the trip. Before getting down, it is necessary to tap their cards on the device in order to charge the final amount from the balance.

Ticket vending machines are expected to be installed at major shopping malls, government buildings, medical clinics, and bus stations. They will issue and renew the cards either by paying cash or payment through card payment.

In the meantime, 155 recharge devices will be placed at air-conditioned bus shelters, bus stations and other locations which can recharge the cards with the cash amount inserted and are unable to give back change.

Once the service is activated, the bus operators will not accept coins as payment while the passengers can still use their old Ojra cards to use their remaining credit within the first six months of the Hafilat card launch.

Mohamed Dekkak