Abu Dhabi’s Football Club bags Premier League Trophy

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Abu Dhabi’s very own Manchester City Football Club reigned champions in the English Premier League held last Sunday at Zayed Sports City.Abu Dhabi’s Football Club bags Premier League trophy

The team won the title against West Ham at the Etihad Stadium. This was the second time they have defended a title in three years.

Liverpool, as Manchester’s closest rival, didn’t stand a chance to the latter’s two points lead after beating the Newcastle at Anfield.

In 2008, the club was acquired by Abu Dhabi United Group and this season marked as glorious for the team after holding the title of champions in the League Cups.

A data was released showing that Manchester City stayed on the lead for only 14 days throughout the season but the standings changed when Liverpool loss points in two of their last three games.

The new rules released by UEFA require the teams to minimize and control their financial losses and make the sport cost-effective.

According to the Global Sports Salaries survey 2014, even though the club reported a loss of $85.4 million in its current financial year and despite the fines they have incurred from UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules, Manchester City were named the best paid team in global sport calculated at $8.9 million per year in the current period.

Mohamed Dekkak