Abu Dhabi’s Dh10.8 Billion Midfield Terminal, Gateway To The Capital

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Due to be completed on 2017, Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) is set to procure theAbu Dhabi's Dh10.8 Billion Midfield Terminal, Gateway To The Capital 3rd key construction project to bring a giant park structure.

After completing its first major construction highlight last week, ADAC is preparing in its 700, 000 square meters basement space on the terminal.The new infrastructure facility can accommodate 30 million passengers and designed to be of service for high-speed rail link and metro connection in the future.

ADAC executives describe the new terminal as the gateway to the capital as it will define what airports of the future will look like.
A report from International Air Transport Association (IATA) was released last week showing that Middle East carriers have a rapid growth in traffic which is much faster in the rest of the world.
Now, with the huge parking building, ADAC is on the final stage of the design. It wis part of Dh35.8bn in airport-related construction planned in the emirate under the Government’s Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 and will be the biggest multi-deck car park in the capital city.

The car park building has a measurement of three full-sized football pitches. ADAC focuses on the increasing traffic status of the Abu Dhabi International airport which is also driven by Etihad Airway’s accelerated growth.
Other facilities prepared for the car park are retail and food and beverage outlets with 27,800 square meters allotted space or equivalent to Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall size; an indoor park in 8,400 square meter.