Abu Dhabi’s 1st Financial District To Build 3 New Bridges

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Mubadala published a tender document last Sunday inviting companies in tendering toAbu Dhabi’s 1st Financial District To Build 3 New Bridges build the 3 new bridges number 4, 10 and 11 in Abu Dhabi’s financial free zone.
To be able that companies be pre-qualify and get an invitation for the project on July 9, it must have a track record of developing bridge schemes with a value in excess of Dh500 million.
The new infrastructure projects will be located at Broadway Malyan-designed Al Maryah which was earlier announced this year as Abu Dhabi’s 1st financial free zone.
Mubadala explained that one of the bridges will be used as the capital’s new light railway and the others will serve as usual road bridges. The financial district will be connected by these three bridges.
One lies next to Abu Dhabi Mall,  a second links with Reem Island, and the third is a service bridge that is currently closed to ordinary traffic.
Abu Dhabi Municipality and Mubadala plan to connect the island to the rest of the capital by 13 bridges linking the island with Abu Dhabi and Reem Island on a series of outstanding access road.
The airport is 30 minutes distance by road and Dubai around 60 minutes away. A mass transit system will connect commercial and residential areas of the city by metro and Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines.
Within the island, Al Maryah Island’s (formerly Sowwah Island) multi-tiered network of roads, cycleways and walkways will meet the diverse needs of general traffic, service access vehicles and pedestrians in an innovative way.
Roads are laid out on two levels, separating general through traffic, local and pedestrian passes, residential and service access.