Abu Dhabi to introduce 12,000 New Street Names

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The project “Abu Dhabi Streets Addressing, Geo-Names and Signage System (ADAGS) Abu Dhabi to introduce 12,000 New Street Namesby the Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) have started for areas in Al Nahyan Camp, Al Maryah Island and Al Falah Residential. This project is being conduction in cooperation with the municipalities of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region and the different stakeholders.

The new address system will simplify 200,000 addresses and create 12,000 new street names. It will provide names for 4,000 neighborhoods and install 20,000 information signs in Abu Dhabi. The system will also be linked to modern technological applications towards the achievement of the Abu Dhabi smart vision.

DMA said that it has already started giving direction signs and addressing names in tourist areas and neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi with the aid of the supreme committee for geographical names.
They have also created a database to organize, standardize and assign codes for the geographical names for landscapes, locations and streets of Abu Dhabi which will give official reference for the street names.

The new system will also feature a building number, street name (which will not be repeated within the city), city name, emirate and postcode. DMA will coordinate with Empost in assigning the postcode.