Abu Dhabi to build first rooftop parking- urban oasis projects

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The municipality has announced plans to build the first in the series of urban oasisAbu Dhabi to build first rooftop parking- urban oasis projects projects to build a new rooftop park area in the A6 sector between Hamdan Street and Khalifa Street and between Eastern Road and Street 10, in a built- up part of Abu Dhabi. The two phase 19,000 square meters development will be backed up by several community service facilities, multi-parking and retail and recreational areas.
The sector is currently accommodating more than 13,000 residents living in congested are of around 2,600 apartments. Residents in Abu Dhabi felt a tongue-in-cheek remark regarding parking lots and they are going crazy with a daily nightmare to find parking spaces in their workplaces, in homes or in any place within the city. Many residential and commercial areas are choked with vehicles lined up inching ahead and motorists are challenged to crawl for more minutes or hour to land a parking.
The innovative design of the new project will enable the Municipality to provide a wide range of public facilities in highly populated and constrained areas. The green space, retail facilities and recreational facilities will enhance the image of the city and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors and at the same time reduce traffic congestion and boost car parking.
The development is reminiscent of mile long High Line Park in New York in most popular Meatpacking District and Paris’ Promenade Plantee, the former railway stations refurbished of which rooftops turned into high rise parks. The park is also owned by the city of NY, founded in 1999 by community residents. Like the High Line park which is an extraordinary public space for all visitors, the proposed Abu Dhabi’s parking that will promote several retail and recreational activities.The municipality has already invited private-sector bids to deliver the projects which will be built using a build-own-transfer model.