Abu Dhabi To be Featured in Global Street Design Guide

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Abu Dhabi’s streets will be highlighted in a global guide embarking the first ever global standards for designing roads and public areas, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (Abu Dhabi UPC) divulged.

Abu Dhabi To be Featured in Global Street Design Guide

Abu Dhabi To be Featured in Global Street Design Guide

Abu Dhabi UPC has been requested to play a part to the recent Global Street Design Guide being gathered by the US-based National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO).

The guide which intends to set a modern worldwide standard in urban street design, will highlight patterns and illustrations from around the world of streets that include global excellence practices.

The UAE is the first nation from the Middle East to be incorporated in the guide as part of its Global Expert Network.

Abu Dhabi will be utilized as an exemplar and is one of 50 cities from 32 countries to be featured. NACTO chose Abu Dhabi for addition and insertion in the guide due to its escalating worldwide standing for advancing quality of existence for residents by giving security, sustainable, visually fascinating and walkable avenues.

It acknowledged the accomplishment and achievement of the UPC’s extremely commended Abu Dhabi Urban Street Design Manual (USDM), which provides designers with the essential devices to design, propose, plan, and structure more secure and more user-friendly avenues for transit users, cyclists, pedestrians and motorists across the emirate.

Exhbiting how the USDM enhances security post-implementation reports on Sheikh Zayed Street, a main highway in Abu Dhabi which was reconstructed following USDM standards, underlined that notable outcomes have been obtained in terms of pedestrian security.

The recent standards at refuge islands, the pedestrian section situated in the middle of the street, resulted in the possibility of pedestrian fatalities at right turn lanes being diminished from 25% to 5%.

Response from residents living in the place has also been extremely optimistic.

It is a great privilege for us to be incorporated in an influential publication that underlines excellence practices across the world, and it proves that Abu Dhabi is progressively more being appreciated and acknowledged as a model of a sustainable, extremely live-able urban landscape, according to the Acting Executive Director of Abu Dhabi UPC – Planning and Infrastructure Department, Abdualla Al Sahi.

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