Abu Dhabi spends Dh39m for rainwater drainage system upgrade

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Abu Dhabi spends Dh39m for rainwater drainage system upgrade

Abu Dhabi spends Dh39m for rainwater drainage system upgrade

Commencing in the third quarter of 2016 is the two-year plan and a total project contract spending of around 39 million dirhams to improve Abu Dhabi’s rain water drainage system.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport of the emirate declared the undertaking would adjust the water waste framework to make it more effective and expand its volume capacity to prevent unwanted flooding from happening.

In March this year, extreme storms brought ruin in Abu Dhabi, and the city got about 860 reports of property losses as well as flooding.

In a 24-hour time frame, government workers utilized 117 tankers and a lot of water pumps and generators to eliminate 95 percent of the floodwater, keeping it away from the people and communities.

The rainwater drainage system upgrade is a part of the overall storm water master plan, which includes the works required for enhancing the operational states of the current system, as well as satisfying the necessities of advancement up to 2030 as the task covers the whole peripheries of Abu Dhabi Island.

The range of project works covers finishing the building construction of the network of rainwater drainage alongside the required pumping stations at different parts of Abu Dhabi, including Shakhbout City, Al Mussaffah, Al Maqtaa, Baniyas and Mohammed bin Zayed City.

The venture will add to the current base in Abu Dhabi city, which contains 149,707 points for gathering and depleting water, 57 pumping stations and 5,182 kilometers of sewage lines.

Taking after the completion of task project in Abu Dhabi center, the undertaking will improve the proficiency of the system and boost up its capacity to hold the rainfall much more effectively.

The municipality declared the additional three other undertakings to also work on same end goal to improve the water waste in different parts of the city. Among them, the 44 million dirham contract for upgrading the downtown or Abu Dhabi island system was granted a year ago (2015), and it covers 42,732 waste points, 9,411 collection points, 25 pumping stations, 1,655 kilometers of surface line drainage and 42 kilometers of subsurface waste lines. The other two contracts cover the islands, and in addition certain areas of the mainland’s rural areas.

The municipality is executing the plan to adapt to the wide improvement of Abu Dhabi city while contemplating sustainable development.

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