Abu Dhabi Spearheads $25 Million Worth of 3D Digital Model

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In order for better management services and rapid urban development, Abu Dhabi is in theAbu Dhabi Spearheads $25 Million Worth of 3D Digital Model process of creating a $25 million worth of 3D digital model of the city.
As stated by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi, digital model of buildings and structures across the emirates will be build to ease emergency responses and enhance public safety on the next few years. The $25 million contract to develop the 3D model was awarded to Indian firm Rolta, one of the largest and most comprehensive projects of its kind ever undertaken.
By this project it will also help the management of plots across Abu Dhabi and the internal database created will be shared with other relevant government entities, it said, adding that work on the project was already underway.
“Exterior surfaces of buildings will be rendered in a photo-realistic manner and a user could “fly” through the model to visualize areas of interest. Interiors of thousands of buildings and many prominent landmarks will also be modeled in 3D to high levels of accuracy,” according to a statement.
The Mumbai based firm has previously done work in Dubai and Oman, they will create a 3D model of various municipal areas covering nearly 5000 square kilometer with tens of the thousands of buildings Khalfan Al Nuaimi, acting executive director of town planning at the Municipality, said the model will help maintain the emirate’s rapid pace of development and is being carried out in collaboration with the Department of Municipal Affairs, Al Ain Municipality, Western Region Municipality, Abu Dhabi Follow-Up and Control Centre, Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre and the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.