Abu Dhabi to Record World’s Biggest Fish Farm

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With an area of 56,000 square meters of land, the largest fish farm in the world will be recorded toAbu Dhabi to Records World’s Biggest Fish Farm the United Arab Emirates. The upcoming feat will be located in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and is set to produce lavish sturgeon fish and Siberian caviar.
To be operated by Emirates Aquatic, a firm concentrating on the production of caviar as well as fish farming and hosted the announcement at Emirates Palace. Information in the commencement includes “Yasa Caviar”, the latest UAE brand name of caviar,  having 35 metric tons of caviar as the largest production capacity as well as 700 tons of sturgeon products annually.

Emirates Aquatic said that they used best operational practices and modern innovation to deliver all through the year fresh products, strengthening Abu Dhabi’s position as well as the United Arab Emirates as the global production leader of caviar and the implementation of the newest fish farming techniques.

The company is optimistic about the launching of the fish farm and Yasa Caviar as a new world quality product of the Emirate, as the chairman of the company said.