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Enticing Chinese tourists to the capital will help endorse Abu Dhabi as a primary convention destination according to the director of businessAbu Dhabi Exhibitions events.

The Middle East’s trade conferences and events industry is now the world’s fastest increasing, and the UAE is strengthening its reputation as a commercial center, made by Dubai’s Expo 2020 win.
Abu Dhabi came into the International Congress and Conference Association’s top 100 conference destinations, which will have a big bang on the city’s pleasant appearance to foreign planners in 2012.
A sequence of mutual visa recreations in Europe and the UAE more than the past few months should make it more comfortable for meeting planners to hold events in the country, as difficulties for European tourists going into the country have been lessened.
Abu Dhabi is also putting out to China for business travelers, as economic growth builds an internationally mobile middle class in the country.
Winning the Expo 2020 is also expected to be a benefit to the country’s conference industry. It has business and community leader around the world looking at the UAE. For the past 20 years afterwards, it will be an immense spike for consciousness and aim to hold the conferences in the UAE. People will propose to travel particularly to the UAE for conventions.
But lesser can be better when it goes to building sustainable and pleasant conference locations. The Expo would push up values for conference bookers throughout the occurrence. But it was possible to be temporary, because the pertinent infrastructure would be constructed to be flexible and so would stay money-spinning.
Collaboration between Dubai and Abu Dhabi has prohibited the cities from cannibalizing each others’ conference businesses.
But Abu Dhabi keeps a price improvement because Dubai’s hotel stock is more mature and has higher tenancy rates, which increases prices in its hotels. In addition, this is good news for the capital which is likely to benefit from buoyant worldwide demand.

Mohamed Dekkak