Abu Dhabi to pay attention on investment projects

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Abu Dhabi would gather facts from private and public divisions on investments into each sector of the economy and would pay a persistent attention on projects conceived, planned and being executed apart from those delayed or cancelled to take corrective measures if needed.

Abu Dhabi to pay attention on investment projects

Abu Dhabi to pay attention on investment projects

In this regard, the Dept. of Economic Dev’t. of Abu Dhabi has inked a mutual cooperation deal with industrial arm Senaat, in addition to sixty gov’t. institutions and semi-governmental bodies of agencies, organizations, and departments, with the objective of collaboration and organization between the two parties on the Abu Dhabi Projects Programme.

The Abu Dhabi Projects Programme intends at emphasizing the size of local and foreign investment in each sector individually, in addition to supporting decision makers to the analysis of improvement in each sector, as well as the classification of all existing deferred and late projects and facilitates the access of investors to the investment records in the suitable sector.

The department is working on the establishment of an integrated file within the Abu Dhabi projects Programme, which includes statistics about the tactical and investment progress projects, which the government and the private sector are running to execute the Economic Vision 2030 with the involvement of government and semi-government organizations.

There are numerous large major projects in dissimilar phases of execution, where the Abu Dhabi Projects Programme seeks to gather and inventory these projects in a single database, so as to allow the data when finished to understand a lot about the functional aspects of the 2030 economic vision for Abu Dhabi.

Mohamed Dekkak