Abu Dhabi Municipality drifts to e-system

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Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) revealed the conclusion of advancing of works involving to drawings, survey data, and certificates such that all systems in connection to site survey will now be accessible online.

Abu Dhabi Municipality drifts to e-system

Abu Dhabi Municipality drifts to e-system

The acting director general of ADM, HE Musabbah Mubarak Al Murar, stated that this plan stems from the Municipal System’s enthusiasm to achieve the electronic transition of all dealings and services in keeping up with the probabilities of clients and community members.

The handheld computer scheme will allow the offering all data of field reviews intends at sharing data amid the office and the field – construction or project location; which will augment the peculiars of bringing excellence services to the public as an account of allotting more time to the field survey by the surveyor, and for that reason speeding up the processing of operations and amplify productivity as well.

The significance of the project is marked by the computerization of the survey works through transmitting survey transactions to surveyors at site online utilizing the present communication schemes.

Following the conclusion of the transaction by the surveyor, the transaction is submitted to the survey data auditor at the office for authenticating & confirming details.

It is likely to gather the signatures of those involved with taking-over sites online straight on the official certificates.

Such a pace will replicate absolutely on clients fulfillment as it engrosses shorter deal processing time, and amplifies the exactness & excellence of the final deliverable additionally to other positives like diminishing visits of clients to the ADM head office , which will therefore put in to lessening traffic clogging.

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