Abu Dhabi marks World Record for underwater Clean-up Movement

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In an effort to raise awareness of the negative impact of underwater debris, an underwater clean-up initiative was held in Abu Dhabi that sets anAbu Dhabi marks World Record for underwater Clean-up Movement another world record.

Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) a major producer of oil and gas from the offshore areas of UAE’s capital city, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Port Company (ADPC) led the campaign.

It has created new world record for having numerous participants in an underwater clean-up movement.

Just recently, an exhibition was also set up alongside the campaign to showcase the success story of the previous campaign, marine and environment protection presentations and a photo gallery.

The ‘Dive Together to Protect Our Marine Environment’ Campaign of ADMA –OPCO corresponds the contest of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and sustained goals in protecting the environment and marine ecology.

Participated by 300 divers on their full diving gears and support vessels, 9 tons of wastes have been collected covering the capital’s Free Port.

“We collected an enormous amount of rubbish, which will make a big difference to the marine species in our waters. The sea is a source of livelihood for many of us — from the fishermen in the Dhow Harbour to all of the businesses and organisations providing services for the increasing number of cruise ships visiting Abu Dhabi. As a result, protecting the marine environment is a top priority for everyone”, CEO of ADPC said.

Mohamed Dekkak