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In three years time, “wow” will definitely be the first word that will come out from theAbu Dhabi International Airport; Not just your ordinary Airport mouths of every passenger, departing and arriving from Abu Dhabi Airports. This is because on July 07, 2017 at exactly 7 0’clock, the new Midfield Terminal Building will be officially opened, the newest attraction in Abu Dhabi that will surely tickle the eyes and the hearts of the travelers.
An event entitled “Spectacular, Sensational and Exceptional” lead by The Moodie Report Vice Chairman Dermot Davitt, formally launched the RFP Timetable for the Midfield Terminal Building. The event mainly organized for the brand owners and retailers who have their eyes for bigger business opportunities in the country.
With almost 28,500 sq. meters of space, the facility could place a duty free, specialty retails and food chains that will primarily benefit the travelers who arrives or departs from the airport. Having all they need in one place is such a convenience for every passenger.
Aside from the passengers, the business tycoons and investors will also benefit from this project. Given the fact that they are offering low rates for the commercial spaces and the Minimum Annual Guarantee (MAG), the management is also giving them the freedom to conceptualize and create their own design for their shops. This is to allow their investors to bring in their own ideas and be innovative as possible and build the exceptional partnership between them.
This “one-big-step” as they say will surely make a big difference not just in the history of Abu Dhabi but in the whole International Air Transportation. Truly the spectacular venue that will amaze the whole world, the sensational feeling it could transpire to the people and the exceptional correlations in the business world.