Abu Dhabi Formula One as a Foremost Event

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Formula 1 is one of the well paid events held last week at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi for all Abu Dhabi Formula One as a Foremost Eventdifferent nationalities who. As indicated by Senior Executive at the rear of 2013 winning team, the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is one of the acme races on the annual circuit that earns hundreds of millions dollar’s value of the global experience.
As explained by the Global Director of the event, The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a preposterous experience and absolutely one of the top events of the year. It’s an incredibly an advanced set-up and is the only other race that goes into the darkness along with Singapore. He also added that it’s enormously busy on the tracks and has become a tourists spot.
According to the official, “We’re on a very aggressive growth plan and Formula One is a great global platform to provide worldwide awareness and strengthen our brand attributes. Through our partnership we have achieved over $250m of global brand exposure in the first year, in the second we got $339m and now the season is still running, but we just crossed $800m this year.”
As of now, some automotive company has recognized that the formula is one of the tough businesses and advertising platform for all brands worldwide, the second thing was it is the consistent step to cultivate the environment in technical aspects.
As observed by the officers, the Infiniti was boasted their target market was improved by 60%, and it was currently the most perceptible automotive brand in F1.