Abu Dhabi docks made 25% new cruise liners

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Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) opinion to obtain nearly 25 % new cruise ships and 16% extra traveler to visit the capital this period evaluate with previous year, next the issuance of several entry visas to the UAE.

Abu Dhabi docks made 25% new cruise liners

Abu Dhabi docks made 25% new cruise liners

This year ADPC expect 93 ships to call at Zayed Port, up from 75 previous period and about 220,000 traveler from 189,709 previous year.

For Dubai, cruise visitor’s numbers reach at least 300,000 in the last period.

This year, the UAE launch a new multiple-entry visa price $55 (Dh200). The visa is estimated to make travel between the UAE and neighboring countries easier “removing a important hurdle for the industry’s growth.

Travelers can now come in the UAE through any of its airports, carry on on a cruise out of its ports, and come back to the Emirates on the same visa.

ADPC assume a stable increase in cruise visitors over the next small years. It expects 130 ships and 300,000 travelers to call on Abu Dhabi in the 2019-2020 periods.

Individually, Abu Dhabi received the 1st cruise ship for this period on Saturday. MS Rotterdam’s recent cruise trip started in Rotterdam and will carry on from Abu Dhabi onwards to Cape Town, South Africa.

Cruise visitors characteristic prominently in the capital’s strategy. As part of this, a cruise passenger workstation is set to open in 2016, which will be capable to mange 3 vessels at the same time and manage with up to 2,500 travelers.

ADPC and Abu Dhabi’s Tourism and Culture power showing the concept design of the workstation in Barcelona during the Seatrade Med, one of Europe’s significant cruise events.

Further ports in the area, including Dubai, Qatar, Oman and Ras Al Khaimah, are also growing ability in expectation of attracting more cruise visitors.

Doha Dubai’s Mina Rashid Cruise workstation is predictable to handle 7 cruise vessels at the same Port expects to provide to cruise tourists entirely from 2016 after

Commercial port operation shift to a $7.4 billion facility outside the city.

Mohamed Dekkak