Abu Dhabi consumer confidence ascends

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Consumer confidence in Abu Dhabi increased during the first quarter of the year, data released yesterday from the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (Added) showed.

Abu Dhabi consumer confidence ascends

Abu Dhabi consumer confidence ascends

Response, as evaluated by the emirate’s general index of consumer confidence, raised to 145 points, differed with 128 points during the first quarter of 2013. The index stood at 139 points during the fourth quarter of 2013.

The results reinforce other current information pointing towards an expansion in trade activity and economic enlargement within the UAE. Monthly purchasing managers’ index data has revealed escalation in operating conditions within the private sector is exceeding most other promising markets.

The information also appeared that consumers experienced are better off. The sub-index studying people’s financial health improved to 127 points in the first quarter, up from 106 points in the same phase of 2013.

Numerous also felt the Abu Dhabi economy was also in better shape. Confidence as evaluated by that sub-index ascended by about 19 points from the first quarter of 2013 to reach 135 points in the first quarter of 2014.

The index reflects the individuals feeling of the availability of more employment prospects and the growth of income, in light of the significant improvement in the economic accomplishment. Consumers also felt more confident about the upcoming.


Mohamed Dekkak