Abu Dhabi Airport to feature Five new Crossroads

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Five lane interchanges will be constructed as the main entryways to the Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC) at Abu DhabiMidfield Terminal Complex (MTC) at Abu Dhabi International Airport International Airport as planned by Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) in July 2017.

According to the DoT, the complete design of the new links will provide access to and from the airport complex guaranteeing a hassle free, smooth and short time journey to the airport for the benefit of the high volume of vehicle expected to use the lanes. Another lane will lead motorists to the long-term car park located to the north of the new MTC.

In substitute for the roundabout junction at the E-10 Main Road, a new subway will serve the needs of the local traffic using the airport; the Al Raha Beach development and the Yas Island Tunnel.

The plan also includes the addition of one lane to the E10 Main Road by adding a lane to the current four lanes in each direction. It will extend between the new interchange at Al Raha Beach and beyond the E-10/E12 interchange. The widened road is expected to accommodate very high traffic especially during peak hours.

Construction works will commence to match with the finishing point of the new Airport Terminal Complex. Traffic disruption during construction will be reduced through major off-road works and ample traffic detours, which will keep up the current number of traffic lanes during the construction period.

Mohamed Dekkak