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Who Are We?

ADGECO GROUP is an Abu Dhabi-based holding company established in 1991 by its Founder and Chairman Mr. Mohamed Dekkak. ADGECO is one of the most well-known and highly respected company in Abu Dhabi operating in various business industries such as construction, engineering, real estate, oil and gas, energy and power, water and desalination, marine, legal and multi-media services. The organization leads in providing expert advice and forming alliances with regional and multinational corporations in a wide array of business opportunities in the UAE. Its primary role is to provide proficiency in promoting projects and the competence in participating and obtaining tenders as well as accessing different government and private associations. The group’s business partnership works through agency or joint venture arrangements equipped with the highest caliber service resulting to an active, dynamic and adept success of any business undertaking. As the frontrunner in business alliances, ADGECO Group aims to create harmonious and mutually beneficial partnership with multi-national firms globally intending to make an access to the industrialized and emerging markets of UAE. As its founder and chairman, Mr. Mohamed Dekkak’s perspective to meet the high and tough competition of local and global market; “ADGECO Group will be fully and consistently committed dedicating our experiences and professional efforts to serve the advancement of innumerable industries and businesses in the United Arab Emirates”

Our Strengths

Our Vision
Adgeco Group will be the leading and outstanding holding company in United Arab Emirates with a strong focus in building partnership and business for the future. To be the best contributor in nation building through its activities..
Our Mission
To open doors and give unlimited opportunity to entrepreneurs to excel on their business and utilize their strengths as well as pursuing long-lasting relationships.
Company Philosophy
A vision must be followed by a venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps we must step up the stairs.

Team Member

Adgeco’s leaders bring decades of diverse experience and a history of success. Combining business acumen with technical savvy, these executives guide talented employees to create innovative products and solutions that enable customers around the world to have confidence in their business and services. The Management Team of Adgeco as follow

HOME Mohamed Dekkak Chairman and Founder

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HOME Issa Raddad General Manager

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HOME Emiko Sato Japan Operations Officer

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HOME Steve Karoul International Operations Manager

HOME Henry Nakamura Far East Development Manager

HOME Muhammad Mudassar Director Digital Information Technologies

HOME Yaser ezzeldeen Director of Government Affairs

HOME Imran Maqbool Director of Digital Marketing

HOME Sarah Garcia Office Manager

HOME Mark Jayson Porcioncula Chartered Accountant

HOME Hassainar V.P Admin Officer