About 2,400 Wealthiest People Lives In Casablanca

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Recent report has been divulged that half of Morocco’s wealthiest people live in Casablanca. At this time, the Kingdom has 4,800 categorized millionaires of which 2,400 call the city of Casablanca their place of origin.

About 2,400 Wealthiest People Lives In Casablanca

About 2,400 Wealthiest People Lives In Casablanca

Under the assessment’s categorizations, one can be classified as millionaire must have a fortune equal or higher than $1 million, given that the research information were gathered in US dollars.

The amount of millionaires in Casablanca which is 2,400, anticipated to amplify an average of 42% by 2025, arriving at 3,400, same report revealed.

As much as millionaires living in the Arab world and other African nations, the city of Johannesburg positioned first, lodging the richest persons with an increasing number of 23,400.

Egypt also got top rankings. Exceeding fortunes of US $10 million, Cairo has 10,200 millionaires. The statistics is projected to increase an average of 33% in the next decade, arriving at 13,600 millionaires living in the nation’s capital city in 2025.

Correspondingly, Morocco fills the 6th place of wealthiest African nations with its 4,800 millionaires. The capital city of Algeria, Algiers, got the 11th position lodging 2,000 millionaires.

Meanwhile, the Marrakech City in Morocco, which lands top places in many ranking-lists and is internationally prominent as a preferred tourist destination, placed last in this list of the wealthiest residents with only 500 millionaires. Information stated that it will take Marrakech a decade of a 25% yearly development to achieve 2,500 millionaires by 2025.

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