A New-Media Library opens in Laayoune

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The enrichment of cultural heritage of the city of Laayoune in Morocco is now supported by the launching of a new and modern library with plenty of diverse background of works of more than 5,000 books of different fields of knowledge.

A New-Media Library opens in Laayoune

A New-Media Library opens in Laayoune

The Wali of the region and other delegation inaugurated the library in the city of El Marsa located 25 kilometer south of Laayoune during the 62nd anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People and the glorious Day of Youth. The new-media library is constructed aims to be a place for culture, access for books, acquisition of knowledge for all and the use of new technologies.

This is a project to promote economic and social development of the southern provinces and required a budget amounting to 8.2 million dirham. This new construction features study rooms, reading area, computer and manuscripts, as well a space for children.

Funded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Policy in association with the regional council, the municipal council of Laayoune, several partners, and public institutions, the project aims to develop the city’s infrastructure and improve its aesthetics. It serves as  a space dedicated for public reading at school Msala, and it includes four seats and a fountain in the Town of Laayoune.

The library is also designed to show cultural, artistic, and educational animation activities. This establishment is also an art space, and a dedicated hall is made to host the works of artists.

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