$8 billion investment for Moroccan port

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Delegates at a current meeting held in Morocco heard of the various macro-economic issues that are driving an array of investment prospects in Morocco’s port division that could lead to US$8 billion of investment.

$8 billion investment for Moroccan port

$8 billion investment for Moroccan port

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have allowed the nation to accelerate its tactics by offering worldwide investors appealing returns on Moroccan assets.

Along with the proposed investments is an approximated US$8 billion for port infrastructure at the Ports of Tanger-Med and Casablanca, which will include additional advancement for the two ports, where work on container terminal 3 is already in progress.

Rachid Hadi, the general manager of Casablanca port for operator Marsa Maroc stated that this investment will not only transport a productivity increase from new apparatus at container terminal 3 such as cranes and RTGs for instance but will help renew and upgrade operations across the whole port.

Progress in West African port development is also set to urge chances in Morocco.

Mohamed Dekkak