50 thousand homes in Dubai to be powered by billion dirham solar plant

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50 thousand homes in Dubai to be powered by billion dirham solar plant

50 thousand homes in Dubai to be powered by billion dirham solar plant

The recent inauguration by DEWA of the 2nd phase of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is expected to generate power for 50 thousand homes in Dubai.

Celebrated along with Intl. Happiness Day, the Ruler of Dubai officially launched the solar project which will lessen more than 200 thousand tons of carbon emissions annually.

The specific plant is just 1% of the total solar park developed to bring electricity to 800 thousand houses in 2030.

Head official of DEWA, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer stated that the agency is serving today 750 thousand consumers and expected to increase to a million by 2019.

Al Tayer reports that Dubai’s electric tariff is already less expensive than Europe.

The billion dirham solar plant, with its 2.3 million PV solar panels will reduce 214 tons of carbon emissions, the effect of 1.5million safe man hours of 1000 plus workers.

Once finished, the solar park will be the world’s biggest single site solar energy project with a capacity of 1000MW by 2020 and 5000MW by 2030.

Less than a year to be completed, the model project of Independent Power Producer was launched by Saudi Arabia’s Acwa Power. The project is part of the government’s Clean Energy Strategy where the city of Dubai aims to get 7% of the total energy output from clean energy sources by the year 2020, 25% by 2030 and 75% by 2050.

The city of Dubai according to Al Tayer will surpass its objective by ten percent of the overall power coming from clean energy after 3 years, because of Shams Dubai’s solar panels that is anticipated to save around 300MW by 2020.

From the start, Shams Dubai has saved 130MW with 40MW yet being constructed as well as 8MW now connected to DEWA grid.

Dewa has thus far succeeded in producing solar power in the country by means of various strategies as well as efficient investments because surcharge has not risen the past 4 years.

This means the country was able to generate energy that is not from fuel and was able to lessen the unit cost.

The initial phase of the solar park was started in October of 2013 and has since contributed to the reduction of carbon emissions. It produces more than twenty-eight million kilowatts per hour of electricity every year and has reduced carbon emissions by fifteen thousand tons every year.

Led by Masdar from Abu Dhabi, the 3rd phase soon to be developing 800MW will be executed in phases up until 2020. In a very stiff bidding competition, it has accomplished a world record of $2.99 cents per kilowatt.

The 4th phase, Dewa is set to construct the world’s biggest concentrated solar power project. The 200MW 1st phase will start its operations by April of 2021 through which Dewa will produce 1000MW by 2030. Tender is scheduled to be open in May.


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