More than 50% Bonuses to Gulf Bankers, Revealed

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A new survey has revealed that 6 out of 10 professional based in Gulf Countries such asBonuses to Gulf Bankers, Revealed UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar will receive a bigger bonus this year compared to last year. Main reason that most cited is the progress from professional’s personal performance of 41% even company’s performance of 25%.
Over 35% believe that the increase could be more than 50 percent of those who are expecting an increase. As a Managing Director says, “It is encouraging to see high levels of confidence amongst financial professionals in the Middle East.”
According to the high officer of a financial institution, “Our survey found that nearly two thirds of financial professionals would consider seeking alternative employment opportunities if bonus expectations were not met, so it is a serious consideration when thinking about retaining staff and assessing overall compensation packages.”
Those who have been asked for the survey, nearly half of the respondents or 46% already got the level of their bonuses and most of them affect their job into positive things such as satisfaction and motivations at work. Relatively 48% said that they feel more significantly and more confident about their bonus compared into last 2012.
Compared to other countries the professional surveyor showed that in the Middle East expressed the most confidence. Secondly, in the survey also took place last September with almost 355 employed in financial markets professionals. Lastly, the surveyor took place in some countries while Middle East last September with 4, 642 employed finance professional responding.
With the bonus reviewed now is now on high agenda, over 4,500 financial professionals across seven markets to understand their bonus expectations. “If expectations are met, it could make the Middle East financial centers more attractive to international talent,” a financial firm specialist said.