$450,000 To Spend To Create Green Jobs In Morocco

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A budget of $450,000 is prepared by the State Department through its Bureau of Oceans $450,000 To Spend To Create Green Jobs In Moroccoand International Environmental and Scientific Affairs to create green jobs in Morocco.

This project is part of the joint statement of United States of America and Morocco on Environmental Cooperation in 2006. This grant, 2010-2012 Plan of Action reflects the current priorities for trade-related environmental cooperation activities.

The State Department expects to see green job growth especially among youth and women in industrial centers. It also hopes to energy and water use savings, a drop in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and increased natural resource conservation.

“Morocco has set the goal to become one of the world’s largest sustainable economies by 2020, with an emphasis on creating green jobs in: renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, environmental and natural resource management, and improvement in environmental technologies,” the grant announcement said.

“Morocco’s green growth strategy focuses on three major areas that include: energy security, food security, and environmental security. This includes solar and wind power, energy efficiency, intensive and communal sustainable agriculture, and solid waste and greenhouse gas emissions reduction,” the grant said.

The grant recipient will help increase green job growth through collaboration partnerships, education and training, innovation and/or green technology transfers.

“The successful applicant will work with local partners to build on existing activities in Morocco, design projects to increase green job growth, and build local capacity for continuing implementation of sustainable practices in the future,” the grant added.

The project is expected to run from September 2013 through September 2015.