Over 400,000 visited in SIAM 2014

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Between 360,000 and 400,000 visitors were recorded during the first five days of the 9th edition of theOver 400,000 visited in SIAM 2014 International Agricultural Fair in Morocco (SIAM), which supports the goal of reaching one million visitors to the trade fair closes 3 May held Monday in Meknes, the Commissioner of the Exhibition.

There were some record of 150,000 visitors who flocked this year and it is year to year confirmed as a rendezvous of African Agriculture.

Access conditions remained fluid, despite the influx of increasingly massive populations that have access to the different stands of the Fair safely and with more comfort compared to previous editions, the Commissioner of the Exhibition added.

Commissioner has also stated that more than 29 conferences were held until now, noting that the show is a potential for cooperation with African countries represented in mass during this show.

Westerners come to meet Moroccan professionals but also African, adding that this reinforces the place of the Kingdom and the show as a forum for communication and business par excellence.

Anxious to better serve the Moroccan agriculture, the International Agricultural Fair in Morocco has been constantly renewing itself since its inception in April 2006, rewarding new areas and expanding its exhibit space.

To allow more visitors to access, the 9th SIAM Edition now takes 10 days instead of 5 while improving fluidity in the various divisions of the show.

Mohamed Dekkak