35th GITEX Technology Week highlights UAVs

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The grandest drone exhibition is set to be held during the upcoming  GITEX Technology in Dubai later this year.

35th GITEX Technology Week highlights UAVs

35th GITEX Technology Week highlights UAVs

Approximately 800 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles representing 57 countries will be displayed at the exhibition. These countries are the winners and leading drone manufacturers  who participated  the opening  of the competition in UAE entitled Drones for Good .

The objective of the contest is to bring out the contribution of drones to improve people’s lives and solve issues through technology. The team from Switzerland won the first prize in the international category.

Other drones that made it to the finals include the Wadi Drone made by NYU Abu Dhabi’s that gathers information required for wildlife protection and environmental preservation and also the Sanad Drone of Dubai Police which has a capacity to lift 40-50 kg of weight and is designed to rescue lives, more importantly at beaches.

Other participants’ drones have the ability to detect landmines, providing clear vision for  archaeology buffs at excavation sites and helping to restore slums.

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