30-100% Salary Increase for Dubai Government Employees Implemented

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Few days ago, the Dubai government has implemented the 30-100% salary increase of allSalary Increase for Dubai Government Employees Confirmed public employees in different departments.
Dubai Government Human Resource Department said that the increment will be paid retrospectively back to June 30 and thousands of government staffs across 32 departments will be benefitting on it.
The 30-100% pay raise depends on the nature of the position of an employee. Doctors, financial controllers and auditors in financial control departments are the professions qualified for the double increase.
Engineers, legal advisors, financial planners, investment managers, some experts and Dubai Ruler’s Court employees, internal auditors, some specialized posts, university teachers will be paid 50 percent more, to a maximum AED10,000 per month.
The increase for accountants, paramedics, nursing pharmacists, emergency medicine technicians, and others in health, environment, public safety and customs roles will receive 30 percent more, up to AED6000 per month. Meanwhile, night shift workers will receive an additional 25 percent allowance.
Every two years, Dubai government employees’ salaries are being reviewed every two years.