$2b Investment For Safe Drinking Water In Morocco

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Morocco’s National Office of Electricity and Water Supply (Office national de l’électricité et$2b Investment For Safe Drinking Water In Morocco de l’eau potable – ONEE) instigated a plan for safe drinking water in urban areas and the generalization of this vital resource in rural areas.
ONEE budgeted $2 billion or 16.9 billion dirhams for the said approach. The $12.4 billion will be used to improve the aptitude of the office and for the upgrade of production facilities for better performance.
Notably, “The urban drinking water” will increase its production capacity by 90% to 95.6%, self storage and the connection rate to 97%”
For rural areas, 4.5 billion dirhams will be spent on increasing access to safe drinking water to 96% and the management of distribution service in four to twenty rural centers rates.
Target access rate is 96% improvement and develop the quality and distribution management in 80 rural centers in favor of a population about 600 000 inhabitants.
ONEE fits match the project to the desalination of seawater and brackish water desalination to meet demand.
Over the period 2001-2012, an investment of 26.2 billion dirhams was performed on drinking water infrastructure, ONEE recalls.