25,000-seater Sports Stadium, to open in Al Ain on January 2014

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After 17 months of construction, the new Hazza bin Zayed Stadium will be officially open25,000-seater Sports Stadium, to open in Al Ain on January 2014 next month in Al Ain as the prime football stadium of Al Ain Football Club. It aims to attract regional and international sports as well as entertainment activities to the emirate.
The new 25,000-seater sports stadium in Al Ain is the foundation of a mixed-use development project that is being completed in several phases on a plot of half a million square meters.
The facility will be linked by chains of restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets to highlight the new shape of Al Ain’s downtown. Commercial, residential, and entertainment units and a posh hotel and sports and social facilities are conjoined with the new sports stadium.

The new sports stadium is set to be the groundbreaking sports destination and a prominent architectural marvel that forms an important part of an integrated and a huge mixed-use development with amenities that serves the social, sports, and tourism areas of Al Ain City and the United Arab Emirates in general.

The stadium, which includes a “First Class” stand which accommodates 3,000 premium seats, is the first of its kind to provide shade to all spectators through an advanced constructional form and the use of a moving-ceiling umbrella that can cover the whole stadium when necessary.