New Tourism Spot to arise in Marrakech

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A hotel corporation in Morocco invested DH 760 million to develop a new 5 hectare tourism model called “M Avenue” in Marrakech.

New tourism Spot to arise in Marrakech

New Tourism Spot to arise in Marrakech

The development project entails the construction of the “Avenue Garden” which is around 500 meters long, together with the Four Seasons Hotel and linking the Medina Menara.

The first open private avenue offers 18,000 m² of commercial space, 150 serviced apartments, 3,000 m² of offices, and 3,000 m² of space allocated for exhibitions and events, a fitness and wellness clinic and 10,000 m² of green spaces.

The first apartments will be ready in the second half 2018. The opening of the cultural center, shops and galleries will happen in April 2018. The sale of the 96 selected apartments Four Seasons Residences will begin next April.

Through this project, the real center of Marrakech will arise and will attract the domestic and foreign tourists.  The technology that will be used to M Culture space will engross visitors in the real ambiance of Marrakech and Morocco. They can discover all the monuments before visiting.

The M Avenue project will create 815 jobs. The start of construction is planned for June 2016.

Mohamed Dekkak

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