21% Rise of Dubai Airshow in Exhibition Space at New Venue

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Dubai Airshow was doubled the exhibition space at new venue rise for almost 21% at Dubai Airshow in Exhibition Space at New VenueUnited Arab Emirates firms which exist at the exhibition, even though the doubling of space where the new location was located at Dubai’s World Central is one of the clear example growth in the economic environment compared to the previous year of 2011 event.
According to the organizers of the event explain that, the 13th edition of the event is to predict the host for more than 60,000 trade guests and more over 1,000 participants, plus 226 amateur companies which based n UAE, to conclude the 21% increase on the last show compared to 2011 event.
The show will took the place at a new purpose-built Dubai World’s Central site from dates November 17 up to 21.
Nearly 150 aircraft was displayed at the show, with one of the famous Red Arrows which came from United Kingdom making their inauguration at the event. And the other aircraft highlights will incorporate the A400M Military Aircraft and lastly the Being’s F/A 18E Super Hornet.
He added that the initiative of Dubai government to invest emphasizes its future goals on the show and its endeavor to convey world class events with consistent remarkable score.