2020 Plan: Dubai as World’s Livable City

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The continuous transformation of Dubai in accordance to Dubai 2020 is the grandeur goal of the emirate to be the Top Livable City of the2020 Plan_Dubai as World’s Livable City World.

This is in accordance to experts joining an upcoming 2 days event in the tourism capital of the United Arab Emirates, the Urban Agenda 2020 Conference commencing on March 31 until April 1.

As per Dubai’s strategy in urban planning, the government will be prioritizing the economic, social and environmental factors which are the needs for livability. By 2020, population in the UAE is expected to reach 7.9 Million and the demands for energy and water resources will increase as well.

Other issues to be discussed in the event are conservation of natural resources, sustainable, development and efficient, multi-use infrastructure and inner-city connectivity.

The head of Dubai Urban Plan 2020 says on a media report that “a successful, livable city functions as its own ecosystem. It balances its social, economic and environmental needs through smart urban planning,”

“To ensure the continued growth of the Emirate, we are setting out to construct a livable city that is totally modeled around the needs of the people that inhabit it through intelligent urban mapping and efficient design,” he added.

To be held at Dubai World Trade Center, Urban Agenda 2020 is a perfect platform to visualize plans in setting out a holistic and organized outlook to Dubai’s city planning, event organizer says.

Mohamed Dekkak