2020 Green Morocco Plan, Worth 10 Billion Dollars

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Kingdom of Morocco’s Green Morocco Plan Project for year 2020 needs $10 billion fund,
borne equally by the private and public sectors share to cover investment needs. The statement was made by Morocco’s Minister of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries during the 13th International Economic Forum on Africa.
Organized by the Development Centre of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) under the theme “take advantage of natural resources for economic transformation”, the 13th International Economic Forum on Africa has the participation of more than 500 ministers and high-level representatives of the private sector, universities and civil society.
Speaking about the part of a panel on “growth, natural resources and economic diversification in Africa,” the minister emphasized the role of the private sector in the promotion of agriculture, noting that all agricultural production comes from this area. The minister said that the role of the state is to support and develop the necessary infrastructure to help improve productivity at a national level.
He further recalled that promote farming in Morocco green Morocco plan is one of the main projects launched under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI aims, emphasizing the importance of Moroccan experience in this field for African countries.
Agriculture sector of Morocco contributes 19 percent to GDP and employs 4 million people, noting that the Kingdom is linked to several countries through agreements in the agricultural sector.