By 2020, accessing All Services is possible by Mobile Phones Only

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United Arab Emirates is progressing as the center of technological connectivity andBy 2020, accessing All Services is possible by Mobile Phones Only seamless combination of eGovernance and mServices ahead of the Expo 2020, according to the top telecom regulatory authority.
About Dh250 million will be allocated for the development and integration of mobile services, and another Dh200 million were already funded as part of the Information and Communication Technology Fund to grow a similar service at the Federal level.
According to the statement, “the focus will not just be the integration of government services, “We are going to promote private initiatives as well,” “Our core focus will be on customer satisfaction.”
HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, VP & Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai earlier this year launched the Smart Government initiative wherein government services will be brought via mobile phones as well as other modern technology tools as part of his vision to offer services to people anytime, anywhere.
United Arab Emirates currently enjoys one of the best mobile penetration rates in the world. It is not just the number of people owning mobile phones and multiple handsets but the affordability. Mobile internet charges in the UAE are more competitive and reasonably affordable compared to the rest of the world. Expo 2020 that will be held in Dubai meanwhile provides the country with an ideal opportunity to showcase to the world its technological advances and what a nation marching forward with guided principles, dedicated leadership and a motivated public can achieve.
Multiple initiatives are being launched simultaneously to enable United Arab Emirates to achieve the target of becoming one of the first countries in the world to integrate all major public services on the mobile platform, as he ended.