By 2017, Morocco Targets 1 Million British Tourists

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Currently, British visitors in Morocco margins at 5% from the overall number of foreignBy 2017, Morocco Targets 1 Million British Tourists tourists in the country that is why the country is eyeing to attract 1 million British tourists by 2017.
But then, the Kingdom remains the number as a vital contribution in the Moroccan Tourism and is preparing for prospected projects to boost the figure.
The National Office of Moroccan Tourism (ONMT) is developing its accordance with more airline companies in order to attract more British tourists. ONMT is increasingly interested in the British market, which is today one of its prioritized markets and an important target of its promotional strategy.
It has been noted that in the beginning of year 2000, the UK market barely constituted 4% of the national tourist arrivals. Record in 2001 shows that the Britons comprises only 94,000 of the 4.38 million tourists who visited the kingdom.
However, the increase in 2009 credited to an efficient policy instilled by the 2010 Vision project. The number of British tourists went up to 378,000 of the overall 8,341,000 tourists. The following year, the figure climbed at 5% or 475,000 out of 9,228,000 tourists.
Given the gradual increase in the number of air flights from the UK to Morocco in the second half of this year, chances are that Morocco will reach half a million of British tourists by the end of the year, ONMT added.