$15bn Deal in Abu Dhabi And Dubai Aluminum Plants Merging

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The world’s fifth largest producer of the metal is set in UAE as Emirates Aluminium (Emal)$15bn Deal In Abu Dhabi And Dubai Aluminum Plants Merging and Dubai Aluminum (Dubal) joint their two aluminum smelters to form a $US15 billion ($A15.7 billion) entity.
On the merging, emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a new entity named Emirates Global Aluminium and was announced on Monday.
Furthermore, Emal completed its second phase of expansion in the first quarter of 2014, WAM said.Emal is reportedly expanding its production capacity from 800,000 tonnes annually to 1.3 million tonnes, while Dubal’s capacity is around one million tonnes.
On the other hand, Oil-rich Gulf countries have a number of large smelters, including Alba in Bahrain and Sohar in Oman. Saudi Arabia opened last year a smelter in the energy-rich eastern region, with an annual capacity of 740,000 tonnes.
With this move, a new industrial giant in the United Emirates has been created to highly contribute to the local growth and international expansion of the industry.
As it grows, it is believe that it will create more additional job opportunities in the country whereas over 33,000 people for the aluminum sector will be needing at the end of the decade.