Ancient Dinosaur Relic, to be displayed in Dubai Mall

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A hundred and fifty million-year-old remain of an adult dinosaur will be exhibited permanently at Dubai150 Million Year-Old Dinosaur Relic, to be displayed in Dubai Mall Mall after its developer confirmed the purchase of the said artifact without disclosing the amount rather than to several million dollars.
Found at Wyoming’s Dan Quarry in the United States and it is the first instance that skeletons from one living creature were discovered in a napping posture.

As per the online web page of Dinosauria International, the spot, situated close to the town of Ten Sleep, has ‘prehistoric mudstone and sand deposits, that dates back to the late Jurassic Period, around 150 million years ago.

Expected to be spectacular being on a public place, Dubai Mall will obviously attract massive traffic as this will be the first ever time it is presented beyond the United States border.
In 2013, the flagship shopping and entertainment spot of Emaar, the Dubai Mall drove traffic of more than 75 million shoppers, driving the sales to increase up to 26%. Emaar said last month that footfall at the mall increased by 15% compared to previous year, with a usual visitor count per month that totals to 6.25M.