Over 1,000 villas on plan in Yas Island

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An Abu Dhabi-based property developer unveiled its plan to build 1,315 villas on Yas Island.

Over 1,000 villas on plan in Yas Island

Over 1,000 villas on plan in Yas Island

The Yas Acre is a real estate development project which involves the construction of villas together with a golf course, green parks and schools for a budget of Dh6 billion on the northern shores of Yas Island.

Moreover, the company has shared that it is on track in building the said inexpensive houses at its Mayan project located at Reem Island, however, the necessity for mid-market villas in the capital has become inevitable.

The project measures 811,108 square meters and will be dedicated to expatriates and UAE nationals seeking a home costing from Dh3 million to Dh5 million. The villas offer houses with three bedrooms worth Dh2.9 million and massive palaces with unrevealed prices. It has been announced that the three-bedroom town house is priced at an average of Dh1,100 per square foot.

The property developer financed the project and is projected to be finished at the end of 2019. It is considered to be the largest and most ambitious project of the company.

Due to current economic situation, the project developer has formed a balanced strategy and has become cautious in building too many projects or too many units. It is said that a lot of our projects mostly from the government due to be completed for the upcoming years which are expected to help boost the economy.

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