$1.6bn budget gets Go signal to transform Dubai to a “Green Paradise”

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Last week Dubai Municipality reveals its preparation of transforming the tourism capital of UAE into a “green paradise” with an allocated budget of Dubai to transform to a green paradiseAED 6 billion ($1.6bn).

The officers said that this huge investment has been reserved for irrigation network in Dubai including soft landscaping.

An official of the Municipality said that they have projects consisting of irrigation network and the sewer lines developments by the year 2025.

Another official have mentioned that these are the generally establishing on qualifications for Expo 2020 as we are planning to make Dubai a green paradise as a new constitution is being arranged to secure that facilitator share in developing the city into a green belt.

By 2025, more than AED3bn would be used on developing and increasing the irrigation system.

The said innovation will be usually with water reason to support the question on why we are encountering complications with viable landscaping as mentioned.

On some news reports, it was stated that in 2013 around 45 million plants were sown Relying on future plan the city is hoping to see 5 to 10 percent expansion.

Most likely, about 30 small plazas are in the course to sum to the green lungs of the arid city which presently bluster about 7,000 hectares of green space.
Mohamed Dekkak