1.3 Billion Dirhams Aquaculture Project, to take Effect

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Named as “Halieutis”, the 1.3 billion dirhams aquaculture project will be put into practice soon as Kingdom of Morocco’s His Majesty King 1.3 Billion Dirhams Aquaculture Project, LaunchedMohammed VI already signed various agreements for aquaculture development last week.
Expected to generate 600 direct jobs, these projects will facilitate a total annual production of 23,000 tonnes of fish, 1,540 tons of shells, 70 million and 60 million fry spat.
The scheme will be place on the Bay of Dakhla in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean to the north of the kingdom.
The agreements signed by the King are major investments to promote the country’s aquaculture sector. Morocco’s Minister of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries said that “Aquaculture is an ambitious new sector in our country and Halieutis strategy, launched in 2009, attaches great importance to the development of the aquaculture sector in order to establish as a lever for development of national marine fisheries.”
In addition to socio-economic development of the specific regions, the ten aquaculture projects should contribute to the sustainability of resources, promotion of livestock, processing and marketing of fish and shellfish in supply of fry fish farms and spat and lower animal health risks associated with the importation of live species from abroad.
“Halieutis Plan” aims to make the fisheries sector a real engine of sustainable growth for the national economy, increased to 21.9 billion dirhams sector GDP in 2020 , generate some 115,000 direct jobs, participate in the increase in the export of marine products 3.1% and achieve an annual fish production of 1.660 million tons.