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Sigma International Construction LLC an American Company based in Chantilly, Virginia, USA and Adgeco Group a Consortium of reputable International companies based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, have signed a joint venture agreement in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The joint venture will create a new paradigm for the components of Adgeco’s consortium of companies and it will bring innovative and creative American business practices to the United Arab Emirates.

Sigma has established a track record of flexibility and maneuverability, fast project execution, innovative in situ engineering technologies, creative ways of conducting business and sound financial independence. Sigma has opened and registered a Gulf Region Company in Abu Dhabi.

The Chairman of Sigma Gulf Region Entifadh Qanbar, PE and The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Adgeco Group Mohamed Dekkak are fully committed to dedicating their experiences and professional efforts to serve the advancement of the construction industry and business in Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates.