Gulf Region Leads Smart Phone Usage

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A study made by Our Mobile Planet and Ipsos MediaCT shows that the Middle East leadsGulf Region Leads Smart Phone Usage the global race of smart phone mobile users.
According to the report 62% of mobile users operate smart phones followed by Saudi Arabia with 60% making them on the 2nd place.
It has been remarked that the UAE is an International hub having 75% of mobile users accessing internet everyday using their smart phones, probing that the mobile device market is improving rapidly.
In UK, Norway and Sweden, more than half of consumers make use of smart phones that reached 20% percent increase.
Meanwhile in Egypt, 41% of consumers used their smart phones to purchase and 80% of them make purchases once a month.
The study also shows that mobile consumers in Middle East holds with online and offline advertisements thru smart phones. It shows that majority of the people connects using smart phones instead of using the standard feature phones.
Affordable price, greater wide options of models and the faster connection of internet and consistent wireless networks are the factors bringing noticeable impact on consumers viewing feature packed connected devices as the most attractive option.
International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that by 2017, 1.5 billion smart phones will be shipped worldwide, which equates to just over two thirds of the total mobile phone market as these factors become more widespread.