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Engineering Works Services

ADGECO Group through its various partners provides all kinds of engineering works including design, construction, project management, maintenance, technical assistance, civil works, manufacturing and supply of building materials. The team works with design and building of roads and bridges as well as providing EPC for railways and airports.  ADGECO Group also provides necessary technologies for building power stations, electro-mechanical works, waste water works, water works, water supply and sewerage networks, and gas/fuel networks.

ADGECO Group is also established in design and construction of buildings. The team works on office, residential, commercial, universities and special designed buildings.  ADGECO Group has developed innovative and modern techniques in building design and construction. Our design team makes use of advance technologies to maximize efficiency.  The balance of economical use and luxury of space is integrated in the designs. Our EPC contractors have years of experience in the industry. They have implemented major construction works in UAE, Spain, Italy and other countries in GCC and Europe.

Our team includes a company that manufactures and supply building materials like medium and hard limestone, concrete blocks, retaining wall & paving blocks, pre-stressed hallow or core slabs, fence footings, curbstones and circular manholes in different dimensions.  These blocks are manufactured using Besser, Zenith and Spancrete technologies.

The Group, through his joint ventures has diversified and engage in engineering works to provide specific technical facility in the manufacture of process plant equipments such as Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels Boilers and Furnaces, Refurbishment of Heat Exchangers and Air Fin Coolers such as Bundle Pulling, Cleaning, Re-tubing of bundles and others that meets the international quality standards.

Having a full-fledge in-house engineering department and supported by experienced engineers and technicians to carry out design activities, we offer total activities such as thermal design, mechanical design, fabrication, design calculations, detailed drawings, weld procedures, planning and control schedules, inclusive of quality plans testing and supply of heat exchangers.

  • Roads and bridges
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Public works
  • Power Stations
  • Electro-mechanical works

Heavy Civil 

  • Waste water works
  • Water works
  • Water supply and sewerage networks
  • Gas and fuel networks

Building construction

  • Educational
  • Medical/Hospital
  • Touristic Projects – hotels, administrative and residential buildings
  • Administrative (Restoration Works)
  • Internal and external decoration works and normal finishing works

Building materials processing and manufacturing

  • Medium and hard limestone
  • Blocks – concrete load bearing hallow blocks using “Besser” Technology
  • Retaining wall & paving blocks – manufactured by “Zenith” Technology
  • Prestressed Hallow/Core Slabs – manufactured by “Spancrete” technology for roofs, walls and fences
  • Special Concrete Products – fence footings, curbstones & circular manholes with different dimensions