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Business Setup in Dubai

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Agree on the business activities according to your business plan

Consider additional customised licence structures

Choose a company name

Start your application

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Full Business Ownership

We give you independence to take decisions and cross milestones after a successful business setup. Your growth is our success.

Tax Benifit

Saving funds and utilizing finance for benefits is one of our core aims. We make sure that our tax experts’ aid in initial setup by saving unnecessary taxes.

Business Growth

We believe that every organization deserves to grow. We welcome opportunity seekers who want to change the fate of their business.

Property Solution

A team of professionals helps in selecting a realestate solution that maximizes the utilization and growth along with minimizing initial investment.

Legal Frameworks

Law expertise enables our future business clients to get maximum cover and enjoy uninterrupted business operations in Dubai.

Fast Setup Process

A complex system is made easier with us. We ensure rapid setup including the fulfillment of all the obligations for new business in Dubai.

"When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first."

Mohamed Dekkak

"You have to work on the business first before it works for you."

Idowu Koyenikan

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I want to setup a business in Dubai. What are my options?

People who are eager to start businesses in Dubai can do it without any fuss but of course, investment would be required. The starters will have to go through the processing of ownership of the business they are willing to start.
You can either setup the business in the mainland or the free zone. If you are planning to setup in the mainland then you will need a UAE national to be the sponsor. The local sponsor should own 51% shares if you are into starting a trading company. The sponsor should also provide you with the power of attorney and exclude from any kind of involvement in the business operations or the profit sharing. 100% ownership is required for the investor but a local service agent is still needed. On the other hand, no sponsorship is required in the free zone.


What will the cost be of a new business setup in Dubai?

The activities of the business decide the cost along with the business location, investing partners and other factors. The cost also depends on the business being in the free zone or the mainland.


What is the process of setting up my business in Dubai?

Licensing for starting the business includes three stages. First is the approval, which requires application submission and then you decide the trade name. The second stage involves fulfilling all the legal requirements which are required to be met by the investor. The authority will process the steps and investigate about the investor and his legitimacy regarding all his career and education information. The third and final stage involves issuance of the license, business premises and processing of the investor visa.


What difference will it make to my business operations if I setup in a free zone?

Your business activities must be permitted. The business can only operate outside the UAE and within the free zone. This becomes a problem if your main market is located in Dubai that is in UAE. You might need services of a broker or agent for this purpose. If you set up the business in the mainland then you can operate your business locally and internationally.


What are the documents I need to submit to get my business license?

1st Stage
• Passport copies of sponsors and all partners
• Approval application with you and your sponsor’s signature
• Application for trade name reservation
2nd and 3rd Stage
• Passport copies of all partners
• Signed and notarizes agreements
• Attested educational certificates
• Tenancy contract for the select premises of the new business
• Specimen signature card
• 12 passport size photographs
Any other document required by the authorities will be necessary too.


How much time will it take to setup my business in Dubai?

The approval is received within 2 days. The licensing process depends on the current schedule of the department and it almost takes two to three weeks. In case of special approval or attestation, the duration of getting the license exceeds accordingly.


What if I require some other business consultation?

You can definitely call us between 09:00am and 08:00pm (GMT+4) from Sunday till Thursday. Our Online Chat Facility is also available for any instant queries.
Appointments can also be arranged by mutual consultation.

Company Setup In Dubai – Abu Dhabi

An exotic hub of business that offers you a great change with lots of opportunities to grow faster. You dream of starting a venture in Dubai is now catered for us. An ultimate success awaits your response just to take another step ahead in the same world. The vision to prosper through company setup in Dubai becomes 75% easier when you become our partner.

Inflation of real growth has been experienced in the region since past ten years.  With 50% fewer chances of failure Adegco group now offers the best business setup in Dubai consultancy. The group has been serving since years and gaining more expertise every year. It’s better to stay in the learning phase as it is intact an organization with the soul of continuous success.

This venture is a part of our fruitful business that creates opportunities for corporate sector not operating in Dubai. We do not only push start but provide a real-time scenario based guidance for different categories of the company. We do not limit your vision of expanding from a sole business or private limited firm and aid you in opting for an offshore opportunity.

Great access to the sea for trade and business makes Dubai one of the best business hub in the world. The current economic needs require a proper flow of information technology more than anything else. Fortune 500 companies emphasize more on Dubai as compared to any other area of the world.

Cultural diversity and communication with all the world countries make it a favorable place.

We have a team of business experts with years of experience in multiple business sectors. Our team coordinates and make sure every concern is solved while developing an optimal business plan. We promise to setup a business in Dubai to become a part of your mission in growth.

How do we benefit?

  • With rapid business registration and launch, we make sure that no time is wasted.
  • Similarly, our legal experts keep on guiding and taking the right path for future law cover for the new business.
  • Coherent operations of tax team work on such conditions that save maximum tax and increase profits of a firm.
  • Real-estate persons keep their eye open to grab the cheap opportunity with more scope of business.
  • This integration is not available anywhere else in Dubai and help new businessmen to grow faster.

Core Values

  • We help in understanding the local policy and solve corporate needs in no time.
  • We are only success partners for those who aim high.
  • We believe that choices may be created and chosen without any limitations.
  • Our experienced professional business consultants think in the shoes of their clients.
  • We always outrank and consider ourselves second to none when serving a client.
  • Our humble consultants form a team from different cultures and have greater understand for the business need of every region in the world.
  • We believe on the principles of integrity and prefer making good relationship over business and profits.
  • Guidance to grow fast and increase the revenue of client’s business is our goal of 2016.

Therefore, if you are looking for company setup in Dubai then don’t hesitate to contact us. We prefer listening to the client’s requirement before making a plan. While making a business plan, we make sure each need is covered, and no gap remains. If you are an opportunist and want to change your fate, then you are at right place. Welcome!

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