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How Can We Unite the World Through Travel?

There would be less fear if more people travel, and we’d feel much safer. When fear drives you to stay put, you miss the opportunity to see places, the chance to meet interesting people, taste a local dish and have the experience to be in awe at your new discoveries….

A person who travels the world becomes one with the world

When leaving behind the many things that make us comfortable and start to embark on a trip or new experience, we start to get away from the familiar sights and comforts and instead go into a new set of realities. Say when we travel, we are no longer the everyday…

Ibn Battuta Festival: World Peace Initiative

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta who came from Morocco was a well-known Muslim scholar and a great globetrotter till date. Being a curious young man, his interests drew more towards traveling and discovering the new places. Hence, he is best known for his long trips and journeys. Battuta’s travels lasted…

Amazing Reasons to attend the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Witnessing a cultural festival from any country is like watching their tradition unveil right before your eyes. Festivals happen in every part of the globe and Ibn Battuta International Festival is among those festivals which are meant for the peace loving tourists and the travelers from other regions towards Morocco….

Ibn Battuta Festival: Connecting World Travelers

This year, Tangier is going to host the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta. The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is going to organize the event and all the activities that are taking place. Preparations are now in order to promote the cultural and industry in the place….